A rider and their horse galloping. Photo by subhashfcb.……

Isn’t it the worst to be judged prematurely?!? People like to lump others into certain stereotypes because they look a certain way or participate in certain activities. Horseback riders are constantly judged by the outside world and even each other. Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover. Let’s take some time to truly get to know each other and stop the harsh judgements.

Common Stereotypes in the Horse World

  1. Chestnut mares are moody and impossible to handle.
  2. English riders are snobby, rude, and unwelcoming of new people.
  3. Western riders are sloppy and have no skill.
  4. Thoroughbreds are all crazy, especially if they came off the track.
  5. You’re abusive if you ride with spurs or use a whip.
  6. All horse girls are insane.
  7. In the western world, if someone rides with a helmet they just be a beginner or their horse is green.
  8. Ponies are stubborn and difficult to handle.
  9. Gaited horses are only good for trail riding.
  10. And the most famous one- if you own or ride horses, you MUST be rich!
A chestnut horse. Photo by Julián Amé.

Some of these are so bizarre! Yes, you’ll find some riders and horses that actually fit these stereotypes, but definitely not all or even most.

What are some of the craziest stereotypes you’ve heard in the industry?