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Bohemian decor is whatever you want it to be. These bohemian houses range from plant havens to Western-modern spaces to quirky sanctuaries.

This home, designed by Olga Redina, features a lofted bedroom and very simple, rustic decor.

Bohemian houses can also look like this one, with cozy blankets, a DIY palette bed frame, and some dim twinkle lights.

A more minimal boho space, this patio highlights dusty rose and natural elements.

If you haven’t seen a plant haven, you have now. This boho home is full to the brim with plant friends. Even the bedding is floral!

(Psst… we know that Country Grace has amazing boho bedding!)

We call this living room “Western-modern boho.” The color scheme and mood is Western, yet the pieces themselves are contemporary.

And then there’s the super-comfy, all-white-and-cream kind of boho. We can literally feel the cozy through the screen.

And more plants. This is actually a tiny home on wheels, meaning it can be transported anywhere!

This bohemian house by Tatiana Home Decor is making us sleepy. The warm colors and dim lighting are just too snuggly!

Surprise — another bohemian home with plants! We love the natural, jungle feeling of this space.

This Brooklyn apartment gives the complete opposite of city vibes; we’re feeling all boho and natural over here! The light colors and plants combine for a totally cool, hippie look.

So, let’s review. If you want to make your space more bohemian, try adding plants, light colors, cozy blankets, and some quirky decor. We predict your bohemian houses will be cozier than ever!