Turquoise Gemstone Case, starting from $44.95

*Ring, Ring* Answer you’re phone because it’s us and we’ve got some sweet accessories up our sleeve. If you’re living in a dreamland where technology isn’t running the show, wake up, because it’s here to stay! These days, even cowgirls don’t roam too many places without their cell phones! Whether you actually have service or not is a whole other controversy we won’t even get into. From texting, tweeting, selfies and everything in between, a lady and her accessories have gots-ta look hella fabulous.

We did a little rummaging around and found a slew of cases and what nots that are suitable for the cowgirl lifestyle and all you gypsy hipsters alike! Each case is available in multiple iPhone, iPad and Samsung Galaxy models. Take a gander and dress up your tech-sessories like the fashionista you are. 


Vintage Cowgirl Case, starting from $42.95 


Colorful Desert Sunset Painting Case, starting from $42.95


Hipster Arrows Case, starting from $39.95


Vintage Cowboy on a Bucking Horse, starting from $49.95 


Monogrammed Horseshoe and Blush Rose, starting from $44.95 


Distressed Cowhide iPad Case, starting from $44.95


Cowgirl Cover, starting from $44.95 


Cactus Pattern Case, starting from $42.95


Brown Tooled Leather Look Personalized Case, $44.95