There’s a reason why celebs are always seen in dusters in those infamous street style shots… they are super flattering! Granted if you are 5ft or under, this may not be your cup of tea, but dusters are flattering for most shapes and sizes because they elongate your silhouette.

Don’t get caught up in the citified style you see in the images. A duster is kind of like a blank canvas. It can be styled in any way you see fit. So don’t write them off just yet cow-ladies because dusters can have a very “Tombstone-esque” vibe if you style them right. (Jeeze, try as I might, it’s hard to make the movie “Tombstone,” sound girly or chic.) Anyhow, dusters can be dressed up or dressed down with all the cuteness that’s in your closet. Tees, dresses, skinnies or flares will look fab, but if you’re going to rock a flare, try a shorter, knee length duster so you don’t have too much going on at the bottom.

If you’ve been shopping around for a duster you may have noticed they can get pretty pricey! You can look just as chic as a celeb for a hell of a lot less in any of these dusters. All under $50! Whoopah!