barrel racing dangers cowgirl magazine

The exciting discipline of barrel racing is a favorite at rodeos. Cowgirls love the thrill and speed of the event. Unfortunately, it does come with some dangers. Because of its speed and sharp turns, it has been known to cause some accidents and injuries. You should know what to expect before you get involved.

Barrel Racing Dangers

  1. The horse can slip when going around a barrel. This can even result in the horse falling on the rider.
  2. Riders can bang their shin on the barrel.
  3. A fall at fast speeds is often more dangerous for the rider, especially if their foot gets hung up in the stirrup.
  4. Not enough barrel racers wear helmets, which can make a fall deadly.
  5. The horse can hit or crash into the gate out of excitement.
  6. Horses are at risk for suspensory ligament injuries.
  7. There are higher incidents of arthritis in these horse’s lower hock joints.
  8. They can bruise their hooves.
  9. Some horses become nervous nellies and it can be hard to untrain that.
  10. Riders must stay perfectly balanced, in order to not fall. There’s little room for error.

These dangers aren’t to scare prospective barrel racers. The sport does require a tough cowgirl though! With proper equipment and safety measures, you can greatly reduce injuries.