Which new makeup trends are a definite “yes” and which can turn into a beauty mess? Our professional stylists and makeup artists came up with the following “Class” or “Pass” guidelines. Be sure to read all the trends to make sure you’re cowgirl-gorgeous this autumn!


Metallic, Gold & Copper Eye Shadow
Gilded eyelids equals instant glamour. Blend a little below the bottom lashes too for a high-fashion gleam. Choose a modern copper, gunmetal or deep gold. Try: MAC PIGMENT POUDRE ECLAT.

Red & Wine Lips
Oh yes you can! A shiny lipstick or sheer gloss is more forgiving on mature mouths. For the young-of-skin, the dramatic matte lips seen on the fashion runways are super stylish. Try: ORIGINS ONCE UPON A SHINE GLOSS IN “SHEER RUBY”.

“Cat Eyes” (Black liner)
Whether you choose a restrained, narrow line along your upper lashes or rock a thicker, winged-out look, the cat eye is the eye of the season.

Apres Ski Cheeks
A fresh flush of cherry, peach or apricot feels more modern now than the traditional full cheekbone streak of rouge. Dab powder or cream color right on the apples of cheeks for a healthy, high-mountain allure. Try: STILA CONVERTIBLE COLOR CREAM BLUSH.

Warm Brown “Smokey” Eyes
This season, the “smokey” eye is created with warm cinnamons, rich chocolates and deep espresso–minus the expected sooty colors. The result:  All the drama with none of the downtown club vibe.


“Prune” shadowed eyes
Unless you’re a 20-something fashion model with perfect skin, shades of purple, plum and prune on your eyes will make you look bruised, not beautiful.

“Moody” Lips
Moody is the fashion term for deep, dark, deathly-colored lips. Dramatic? Absolutely. Attractive? Not unless you’re a very, very pretty vampire.

The Grey Eye “Wash”
A uniform swath of silver or smoke from the lashes to the eyebrow can seem cool at first, but a few minutes into your day you’ll start looking more Tin Man than tantalizing. Plus, light to medium grey flatters no eye color–not ever.

Vivid indigo Eyes
Can be fun, but all people will see is your makeup, not your eyes. Rule of thumb: if you remember Boy George, you should probably NOT try this look.  The exceptions: You are on a tropical beach or in a Broadway play.

Mustard-Colored Nail Polish
Shades of Dijon on fingernails? Ugh. Just say no.