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Cowgirl Hotlist

Rodeo Quincy Gloria Boot, $698 (available for pre-order) Most boots are made for walking, but these boots were made for turning heads. Whether you walk, run or kick some ass in them is completely up to you! The great thing about wearing funky boots like this, is you don’t need to stress out about the rest of your outfit. Why? Because when you are wearing boots this crazy, nobody is looking anywhere else. (However, don’t think you can run around naked, ladies!) Does that mean we aren’t going to style ourselves to the nines? NO! We are still going to dress just as wild as our boots. We are just saying, it’s not completely necessary. Consider adding these beauties to your boot collection. You won’t regret it!  Double D Ranch by Lane Retro Rodeo Boots, $649 Rodeo Quincy Isabella Boot, $398 (available for pre-order)   Old Gringo Klak Turquoise Boot, $660 Cock of the Walk “Power of Love” Custom Boots, $1,295 Double D Ranch by Lane Star Spangled Boots, $650 Double D Ranch by Lane Killa Biker Boot, $699 Old Gringo Mary Jo Tapestry Boots, $550 Rodeo Quincy Carmen Boot, $398 (available for pre-order) Star Boots Hand Tooled Sunflower Boot, $1,079