Cowgirl | Kimonos

Skull Tribe Kimono, $149

Long, flowy and draped in beautiful prints. There’s something wonderfully romantic about the kimono. This year, the kimono is taking over and we aren’t complaining! Why the obsession? They are light enough to be worn all year round and in so many different outfit combinations, it’ll make your head spin. No joke! You can pair your kimono with dresses, leggings, shorts, or skinny jeans and feel breezy, boho-chic and dressed to the nines, no matter what.

Any type of fashionista can find a kimono that suits them among the sea of prints and solids that are available these days. However, we are kind of particular about keeping things western around here and we didn’t make any exceptions in our search for the perfect kimono! When shopping for a kimono that will fit in with your country girl closet, look for southwestern prints, fringe or embroidered fabrics.. Don’t be afraid to pick out something bright and wild, because after all, spring is just around the corner! Check out a few of our favorite finds.

Old Americana Cape, $102

Embroidered Kimono Jacket, $128.

Stag Amulet, $149

Chiffon Three Quarter Sleeve Asymmetric Kimono, $24.77

Boho Blossom Maxi Kimono, $189

Bull & Beautiful Butterfly Dress/Kimono, $168

Aurora Ruana, $99.95

Faye Floral Embroidered Tassle Kimono, $12

Sunfall Kimono Jacket, $89.95