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If you ask a Yellowstone fan what they love about the show, you’re not going to get a short answer. True fans can go on for hours about their favorite things about the hit show—especially with everyone gearing up for the second half of Season 5!

At the top of their list is no doubt the heart of the show: patriarch John Dutton. Yellowstone simply would not be Yellowstone without him!

When John’s advice didn’t apply to him

It’s clear that John sets the rules on the ranch, but that doesn’t mean that they always apply to him! After asking Kayce and the rest of the cowboys to “stay cool” and not lash out at Wade, John lashes out himself just seconds later. “What happened to staying cool?” Kayce asks.

When John and Kayce had a sentimental moment

John may be a little rough around the edges, but he still can have his tender moments—like this sweet father-son one with Kayce.

“It’s all about the promise”

John has proven his integrity on multiple occasions!

When everyone felt intimidated by John’s threat to Wade

Note to self: Don’t mess with John Dutton. It will not end well. IYKYK.

Not every day is a good day

Hey, we never said John was Mr. Optimistic. This one hits us right in the feels!

When John learned a simple life lesson

“Guess we better ride.” It doesn’t matter how old or young you are—John can learn from anyone who has something smart to say.

Why ranchers ranch

“Because it’s one hell of a life, Tate.” No further explanation needed!

His iconic campaign slogan

Uh, you have our vote!

A Dutton boy bonding moment

We’ll take a pep talk from John Dutton any day.

When John said… this!

This has to be one of the most iconic lines of the show. If you’re a Yellowstone fan, then you know how this one ends!

What’s your favorite John Dutton moment? Here’s to more iconic lines in Season 5!