Circle Y Saddle. Photo by @circleysaddles on Instagram.……

Buying a new western saddle is no easy task! Fitting it to yourself and your horse can be quite challenging. There are all sorts of brands with different models available. Some have a reputation of being high quality, while others should be avoided. You don’t want a poorly crafted saddle with a junk tree.

This list of popular brands will give you a starting point on where to look for a good one! Most of these saddles are in the mid to high price point. Buyers should be cautious of very cheap saddles, as they’re usually poorly crafted.

Western Saddle Brands

  1. Circle Y
  2. Billy Cook
  3. Tex Tan
  4. Crates
  5. Simco
  6. Cactus Saddlery
  7. Tucker Trail Saddles
  8. Martin
  9. American Saddlery
  10. Continental

This is a small list compared to the many available options. There are also custom saddles with exquisite craftsmanship. Some brands are better known in different disciplines (reining, barrel racing, trail riding, western pleasure, etc…).

The most important factor should be fit. Your horse should move freely and comfortably in the saddle without pressure points.

If you budget isn’t very high, then consider buying used. You can often find great deals on quality brands if you’re willing to hunt for one.

Billy Cook saddles are a popular choice!

What is your favorite western saddle brand? Share your experience and what you love about your saddle.