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Not all horse trainers are equal! Some do an amazing job, while others don’t have nearly enough experience to be in their profession. If you have a colt or want your riding horse more fine-tuned, then get ready to do your homework. You’ll want to find the best trainer you can afford!

Questions for Hiring Horse Trainers

  1. What is your experience in horse training and do you have references?
  2. How often will my horse be worked each week?
  3. Describe your training philosophy.
  4. Have you competed in (insert the discipline you’re interested in)?
  5. How long will my horse need to be at your facility?
  6. How will my horse’s care be managed (grain, turnout, stall cleaning, etc…)?
  7. Will my horse receive regular farrier, veterinarian, and deworming care?
  8. Will instruction be provided for me, as well?
  9. What are your fees?
  10. Will I receive regular updates? Can I visit my horse when I want?

This is a broad list of good questions to ask any trainers you are interviewing. Pay attention to red flags like lack of references or an unwillingness to let you visit.

A bad trainer can destroy your horse’s confidence and even jeopardize their safety and health. On the other hand, a good trainer can give your horse the experience they need. Don’t take the job of finding one lightly!