buck cowgirl magazine

The last thing most cowgirls want is a horse that bucks. It can be scary and dangerous! Horses buck for a variety of reasons from pain to behavioral issues. If your horse has developed a habit of this, then you’ll need to get down to the root of it!

Why Horses Buck

  1. Their tack fits incorrectly and is causing pain.
  2. They have a build up of energy and need to let some out.
  3. Trying to escape or get out of a situation.
  4. Something is wrapped around their legs or they got caught up in it.
  5. They have body pain (ulcers, arthritis, kissing spine, etc…).
  6. Broncs are trained to buck with a strap tied around their loins.
  7. Running in the field or playing with friends.
  8. Their rider is too aggressive or has given poor aids.
  9. They realize they can get their rider off, so they’ve developed a habit of it.
  10. They’re unfit and don’t want to perform the maneuver or gait, such as cantering.

There could be other reasons, but these are the most common. Once you’re able to determine why they buck, then you can work on how you’ll fix the problem. In some cases, you’ll need to involve your vet or trainer.