reining cowgirl magazine

The sport of reining has exploded in recent years. It’s no mystery why! The sliding stops, fast spins, and lead changes make it a thrilling discipline to ride. The community of reiners are also very welcoming. You can find classes for all different levels. Nowadays, it’s also a lot easier to locate a nearby instructor.

Why You Should Try Reining

  1. There are a lot of fun maneuvers you get to ride.
  2. You don’t need fancy silver tack or custom clothes.
  3. There are prizes and cash to be won!
  4. While mostly Quarter Horses are used, the discipline is open to other breeds like Arabians and Morgans.
  5. Reining encourages riders to be there best versions.
  6. Riders get to show off the athleticism of their horses.
  7. Freestyle reining allows riders to create their own pattern with music. You can let your creativity show!
  8. The community is supportive and welcoming!
  9. There are entry-level classes for those just beginning.
  10. In most areas, you can find an instructor or trainer to get you started.
Rider trotting a circle. Photo by Rebecca Scholz.

Who’s ready to give it a try? There are plenty of resources to get you going. Start by watching a show or taking a lesson! You won’t be disappointed.