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Cowgirl Hotlist

It’s time to bring out the bourbon and whiskey as there’s nothing like a cold sip of a mint julep on a warm summer day. But we’re not talking just any mint julep, these recipes are full of unique pairings with different flavors. It’s time to channel your inner Southern Belle-sipping-self.  Sweet Tea Julep Recipe courtesy of Southern Fatty We’re all about sippin’ sweet tea this summer, but a sweet tea julep? We’ve gone wild for this recipe! Not too sweet, not too minty. Ginger-Mint Julep With Fresh Pineapple Recipe courtesy of The Kitchn A fresh and zesty take on the typical mint julep, this is a recipe made for a tropical vacation. Sip this and watch your troubles float away. Blackberry Mint Julep Recipe courtesy of Martha Stewart A sweet, minty and tart julep all in one. Experience these array of flavors on a hot summer night for the ultimate cool-down. Strawberry Mint Julep Recipe courtesy of culicurious There’s not short of strawberries during the summer, so why shouldn’t there be a strawberry mint julep? Add this to your tentative list of delicious cocktails to make this summer. Peach Mint Julep Recipe courtesy of iFood.TV Peach is another fruit that bears the essence of summer, which is why this recipe tastes like summer in a glass. Take your mint julep up a notch with the taste of peach. Matcha Mint Julep Recipe courtesy of The Bojon Gourmet If you like your mint julep a little more on the bitter and grassier side, this is a recipe made for you. The Matcha green tea really gives this otherwise-traditional drink a summer twist. Apple Julep Recipe courtesy of Celebrations This julep recipe embodies an apple flavor for a sweet taste. Make this one for the kiddies, as it’s a non-alcoholic recipe or add a little whiskey in it for the adults. Pomegranate Cranberry Mint Julep Recipe courtesy of Recipe Chart This perfectly sweet julep not only has amazing flavor, it has a rich, dark red color that will look like a refreshing cocktail for summertime. Grilled Watermelon Mint Julep Recipe courtesy of A Cozy Kitchen How refreshing does this sound in 90 degree weather? And, yes, you read right—it’s grilled watermelon. Try grilling fruit and you’ll never go back! Drink this julep poolside or take it to a summer barbecue. We guarantee you won’t have any of this delicious cocktail left over. Disneyland Mint Julep Recipe Recipe courtesy of The Disney Diner Last but not least, we bring to you the ever-so-famous Disneyland Mint Julep Recipe. You can find this delicious beverage in New Orleans Square inside Disneyland, or you can make the from the comfort of your own porch. They’re non-alcoholic so they’re a perfect summertime treat for the kids.