Photo courtesy of @nrs_feed_store on Instagram. ……

If you or your family ranches, then chances are you have a million of these laying around- mineral lick tubs. The big red or black buckets host minerals and can be reused after their purpose has been served! So pull those bad boys from decorating that dusty corner of your barn and get planting, watering, and more!

Photo courtesy of Tractor Supply Co.

Ways to Reuse

  1. Water buckets
  2. Feed buckets
  3. Planters
  1. Storage containers
  2. Trash can
  3. Muck bucket
  4. Temporary brooders for hatching chicks
  5. Overturned to keep plants from freezing
  6. Overturned for goats to play on
  7. Makeshift drum set? Jk make training obstacles 
    1. I.e. drill holes and add logs for trot overs, cement poles in for pole bending, cement poles for a gate, etc. 

Bonus: Attach the bottom to a wall in your tack room for a diy saddle rack

If you can’t reuse them, check to see if your local transfer station will recycle them or contact your local FFA chapters or 4-H clubs to see if they would be interested in using them!