100 horses in history book review cowgirl magazine

Award-winning author Gayle Stewart pays tribute to equine heroes, film stars, rodeo performers, and athletes in her informative and exceptionally entertaining book 100 Horses in History: True Stories of Horses Who Shaped Our World.  The ways in which horses have contributed to mankind are significant and diverse. Stewart’s book includes more than eighty chapters on animals that have played a part in historic events, inspired millions with their courage, and entertained audiences with their tricks and daring feats of strength.    

Can you name the winged horse of the Muses?  A constellation has the same name.  What was the name of Alexander’s steed in whose honor a city was named?  How many movies did Roy Rogers’ horse Trigger appear? What was the name of cowgirl Bonnie Gray Harris’s horse that could jump over cars?  What horse won the triple crown in 1919 but wasn’t officially awarded the prize until 1930?  All these interesting questions and more are answered in Stewart’s highly recommended publication.  

The horses covered in the book range from Eohippus, the ancestor of the modern horse, to King’s Pistol, a cutting horse who was an AQHA Champion and an NCHA World Champion.  100 Horses in History: True Stories of Horses Who Shaped Our World is an infectious read.  Photographs, illustrations, and detailed footnotes complete the 168-page book.