Arrow Chain Headband, $26

Hair accessories keep us interesting. We all have different hair types and whether you’re rocking thick, thin, brown, blonde, or even blue or purple, hair accessories work on everyone! You can add them to our growing list of things that always fit, right next to shoes and handbags. Yes, the headband thing has been done, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it a little different! For a boho chic style, look for chain headbands adorned with turquoise stones and southwestern charms! If you are over the headband fad, or you aren’t brave enough to try them yet, dip your toe in the water of wild by starting with embellished bobby pins! Try all these accessories with different hairstyles. A loose fishtail braid with a chain headband is an easy style that is sure to turn a few heads. For stretchy headbands, try putting the headband at the ends of your hair and rolling it upwards until your hair is rolled all the way up and the headband fits snug around your head for a quick goddess-like updo. Thumb through a few of our favorites and accessorize your noggin, lady!

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Thunderbird Beaded Headband, $18

Geometric Bobby Pin Set

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Arrowhead Chain Headband, $26

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