12 Turquoise Cuffs | Cowgirl Magazine

12 Turquoise Cuffs | Cowgirl Magazine

Do you feel like you need some new turquoise in your life? Check out these 12 turquoise cuffs all available for purchase at various retailers. These cuffs are at what I would call a medium price point, they are not the cheapest you can buy but they certainly are not the most expensive. 

While I was working on this round up I found cute cuffs from $5.00 to $5,000.00. You do get what you pay for when it comes to shopping but I tend to steer clear from extreme highs or lows. There are also a few pieces on sale making them an even better deal! 

From left to right clockwise:  

1. Two Sisters & Jane Cross Cuff • $21 

2. Lucky Brand Cuff • $36.97

3. Sam Edelman Stone Inlay Cuff • $95

4. Grand Bazaar Small Cuff Turquoise Red Embossed Leather Cuff • $54

5. M&F Western Turquoise Clay Stone Large Cuff • $20

6. Zad Rectangular Cuff • $24.95

7.  Art Smith by BARSE Genuine Turquoise & Smoky Leather Cuff • $103.11

8. From St. Xavier From St Xavier Nora Cuff • $59.95

9. House of Harlow Ankolie Horn Cuff • $118

10. Yochi Turquoise Aztec Cuff • $87

11. Panacea Howlite & Glass Cuff • $44

12. Lucky Brand Silver-Tone Reconstituted Turquoise Cuff • $59