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These 13 items will keep you feeling fresh and fabulous, even if it’s just feedbags you’ve been lifting.. Let’s be honest here, it’s hard to get motivated to go to the gym. But having these must-have items will make it that much easier to find the gusto to get there and will keep you comfortable and happy while you’re putting in the work. Our favorite thing about all of these items is that all are just straight handy for cowgirls to have, even if you’re not a gym goer (we see you feed bag-throwing, hay-baling, fence-repairing gals).  So go on, check out our faves and if there’s something you think we missed let us know in the comments! 

Well you have to have a cute gym bag to put all this cool stuff in, right?

Why we love it: It’s simple yet sophisticated and cute design makes it that much more motivating to grab it and use it. Plus, we really love that it has a separate compartment to store your shoes. While most would put their stinky gym shoes in there, we think it might be more useful for the dirty boots you might be wearing when you head to the gym to go there. It also has a more sleek and compact design compared to it’s traditional gym bag cousins. That’s a win.

Vooral Burner 16” Compact Gym Bag with Shoe Pocket


Why we love it: No more battling with annoying wires! Control volume and even answer calls from these workout-friendly bluetooth earbuds. Plus, you can use them while riding or doing barn chores. This is a something every tune-loving cowgirl needs in her life.

Mercury Innovations Echos Aluminum Wireless Earbuds 


Why we love it: The breathable mesh material helps keeps sweat and heat at bay while it’s contoured massaging footbed provides incredible underfoot support and comfort. It even comes in a bright serape print! What’s not to love?

Ariat Fuse Sneakers in Pink


Why we love it: Created by a 13 year old boy trying to fight and bring awareness to child obesity (he was horrified by the statistics of the damaging effects of sugar-filled children’s beverages), this bottle makes drinking water fun. It’s clever design allows you to place fruit and other natural water enhancers in the bottom. The vents in the compartment separator allow water to flow freely between the two compartments for a flavorful water experience devoid of floating fruit particles.  To learn more about Carter’s Mission click HERE.

Define Bottle Infuser Water Bottle with Sport Flip Top


Why we love it: Fashionable AND functional these hair ties are much less likely to tangle hair than traditional designs. Plus they come in lots of fun colors and will keep hair in place during those long hard workouts.

Ribband Aqua Hair Ties


Why we love it: Low in calories and sugar these powerful electrolyte tablets replace electrolytes lost while sweating. They taste great and even come in a caffeinated version for those days when you need a little extra “umph”! Plus, they’re perfect for hot days of riding or any kind of taxing outdoor activity.

Nuun Hydration: Electrolyte Drink Tablets, Citrus Berry Mix, Box of 4 Tubes


We we love it: Sweat-wicking fabric keep feet dry and comfortable, light cushioning absorbs impact. Left and right specific for a more natural fit and arch support, and higher in front and back to prevent rubbing. We could run all day in these bad boys!

Nike Dry Cushion Graphic Low Training Socks (3 Pair)


Why we love it: Made with vegan ingredients this deodorant is free from dyes and harsh synthetics. The packaging is recyclable and it’s long-lasting, aluminum and triclosan free, and smells wonderful! Use this stuff you won’t have to do the not-so-subtle subtle pit check after that cute guy walks by.

Herban Cowboy Deodorant for Her Blossom Sent 2.8 oz.


Why we love it: This cute and handy headbands wick sweat with softy and stretchable fabric. The fold in back allows for wearing wide in front but narrow to fit under your ponytail. So helpful for keeping those pesky wisps out of your face while trying to get your burn on!

2 Pack Set of Sweat Wicking, No Slip Exercise Headbands


Why we love it: This towel is so handy it is easily our most useful item on our list. It’s X-Large size, handy travel pack, and super absorbency makes this towel a winner. It’s compact, fast drying, lighter than cotton towels and absorbs 3x it’s weight. The best part? There’s lots of fun colors to choose from including fun stripe patterns!

Raqpak Microfiber Travel Towel


Why we love it: It’s so, so, sooo important to wash the sweat, impurities, and bacteria off your face after putting in a healthy sweat sesh. Mild and moisturizing this product won’t strip and dry out your skin. Powerful antioxidant Vitamins C and E quench parched skin and stake a claim on a healthy Cowgirl glow.

Cowgirl Skincare Desert Recovery Cleanser 8 oz.


Why we love it: Blender bottles are the bomb! Perfect for mixing protein, pre-workout, or any other powder mixes that meet your fancy they’re good at their job and the metal mixer ball creates a smooth consistency. This one is our very favorite because it has a little compartment in the bottom for storing an extra scoop or two of product! So smart!

BlenderBottle Portable Drinkware in Aqua


Why we love it: Fight the sweat chill and stay protected from the wind and rain with this handy windbreaker. The lightweight nylon shell is wind and water resistant, while the jersey inset is breathable and comfortable. Bonus: it packs away into an integrated stowaway pocket that is small enough to fit in a purse! Incredibly handy and efficient this layer is a must.

Ariat Ideal Windbreaker Jacket

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