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Cowgirl Hotlist

These farmhouses take cowgirl living to the next level! From modern to traditional, you’ll likely find the home of your dreams on this list.  
Photo courtesy of Pinterest.
This eye-catching residence stands out for all the right reasons.  
Photo by Annie Schlechter.
If you thought it was impossible to have the best of both worlds, think again! This coastal farmhouse can’t be beat when it comes to elegance, location, and beauty.  
Photo courtesy of Eric Piasecki & Durston Saylor.
This stunning farmhouse was built in 1848, and received no major renovations until 1950.  
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Modern goes head to head with traditional in this gorgeous home.  
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There’s nothing modern about this farmhouse! The red barn paired with stone features is a nod to tradition.  
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If you enjoy both the modern and traditional farmhouse styles, this spacious residence is right up your ally.  
Photo courtesy of Joann Seiburg Baker.
A gothic farmhouse may seem a little out there, but, in reality, it makes for a storybook worthy home.  
Photo courtesy of Laurey W. Glenn.
This southern home is a dream come true!  
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This Alabama farmhouse may be small, but its charm is undeniable!  
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This eco-responsible home is an excellent match for people focused on holistic living.  
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Can’t decide between a cabin or a farmhouse? Well, now you don’t have to!   Another modern farmhouse to marvel over! This Texas home uses clean lines and big windows to set itself apart.  
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This victorian farmhouse features all of the traditional touches that one could hope for.  
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Mark P Finlay Architects knows that simple is sometimes best, which is certainly the case for this residence!