Not Mi Rancho, Not Mi Burro Tee, available at Chica Chula Boutique, $30

If you’ve got something to say, fill your closet with southern sayings and sweet graphics that make a testament to your kind of style. Whether you’re an all American badass or as sweet as honey, there’s a Southern graphic tee out there for you somewhere. We are partial to super soft, vintage tees that have shock value and a western flair. Don’t be fooled by these tees. They aren’t just for lazy days. No, no, no! Style it up for fancy-schmancy events, or kick it comfy style on those casual cookout kind of days!

The graphic tee is a safe way to maintain the balance between too overdressed and too underdressed. Pair your favorite vintage tee with a blazer, skinny jeans and booties for a retro cowgirl look. If you’re feeling foot loose and fancy free, pair it with a fluffy tulle skirt and a pair of strappy heels. There’s no wrong way to rock a graphic tee. Just wear it with confidence and you’ll always be in style.

Wearing any of these 15 tees is a quick way to become the envy of any western fashionista!  

Bud & Sissy Tee, $40

Honey Hush, $32.

Stagecoach Riding Shotgun Tank, $52

Ride’Em Cowboy, $36

Desert Long Sleeve Tee, $46

Nuthin Fancy Muscle Tee, $40

Outlaw Long Sleeve Tee, $70

Chasing Shadows, $38

Gypsy Soule Thunderbird Motor Inn Tee, $38

Cactus Vintage Racer Tank, $40

Wild Horses Tank, $36

Gypsy Warrior Glorify Muscle Tank, $24

Wilder Ranch Ballet Tee, $38

The Rassa Tank, $25