1767 Designs is a woodworking company and design collective based in Nashville, TN. Using reclaimed wood sourced from Nashville’s urban decay, we create wooden wall art that becomes an instant heirloom in our clients’ homes. Our seasonal collections of ready-to-ship pieces are always available online, and we also offer one-on-one design consultations to create commissions built entirely to your specifications. With a nod to traditional Southwestern and Art Deco design styles, our pieces aim to be conversation starters, gifts passed between friends or custom works of art that you’ll keep for life.” -1767 Designs

The floor inlay is the perfect statement to make in any foyer or lobby.

Wouldn’t you love to plan your entire kitchen around this beautiful island?

This beautiful piece is the only other thing you need in your dining room.

Or you could have the dining table itself be the statement.

Have a custom entertainment center made.

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