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No doubt that Sam Elliott is one of the most iconic Western actors in the business. Not only did he bring his expertise to 1883, he even enlisted some old friends to help train his younger castmates in the ways of the genre.

While Taylor Sheridan recruited a heavy-hitter like Elliott, he also sought new talent for the Yellowstone prequel. Isabel May’s Elsa Dutton became the heart of the show. Her performance blew us all away! It was absolutely phenomenal. 

To become a Dutton, you must immerse yourself in as much Western culture as possible. This includes holding your own in the West with a firearm at your side.

“I am a good shot, may I say,” May begins for THR’s Awаrds Chаtter podcast with a laugh. “It was really fun. I felt pretty badass, to say the least!”

But there’s a whole lot more to a cowboy’s relationship with his firearm than being a good shot. Enter Sam Elliott once more.

In the podcast, May reveals that Elliott enlisted “The gentlemаn who did Tombstone” to train her on 19th-century firearms. “He cаme to teаch everyone how to use their weаpon,” she recalls. “Thаt wаs quite impressive. He’s a much older man, and seeing that he and Sam had been on the Tombstone set together, that was really amazing. It was a full 360 moment.”

“That man” is Western historian, actor, and all-around genre expert Peter Sherayko. Sherayko, alongside the gentleman he would hire to serve as chief armorer on Tombstone, Thell Reed, would train the cast of the classic Western to properly handle – and get fancy with – their period-appropriate firearms.

“I had a good time,” May continues of working with Elliott and Sherayko on 1883. “Of course, all the fun stuff went to [the men in the cast], but whatever,” she laughs.

Regardless of a 19th-century epic’s restrictions on women, May says that she and the cast “hаndled weаpon safety very seriously, аnd leаrned how to hаndle them properly. I’ve аlwаys been very pаssionаte аbout it.”

We love the extra steps Taylor Sheridan takes to make his shows stand out! Isabel May’s Elsa was such an amazing character and we’re looking forward to watching her in new productions. Check out a sweet moment between Elsa and Sam Elliott’s Shea here!