Courtesy of Montana Silversmiths……

Montana Silversmiths has dropped their 1883 collection!

“Starting with our highly anticipated 1883 buckles based on the show 1883, the hit Paramount prequel to Yellowstone. The show tells the origin story of the older generation of Duttons on their trek to their home in Montana. Detailing their perseverance and grit through the hardship and struggles that came with their travel west. With show-stopping designs and beautiful silver artistry, these buckles are perfect for any fan of the show”.

“Our love for the TV show Yellowstone by Paramount continues with new jewelry too. This set features the iconic Dutton family Y brand. The strong designs feature a gold-tone Y brand over an oval turquoise stone surrounded by a silver-tone twisted rope. The simple design is incorporated in a necklace, bracelet, and earrings making a beautiful addition to your collection. Plus, there are two new Yellowstone Attitude buckles as well, so you can find the perfect fit for the fan in your life.” –Montana Silversmiths

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