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Real legendary Black cowboy Bass Reeves will be the center of Taylor Sheridan’s next spinoff series. The Yellowstone universe expanded for the first time with Dutton origin story 1883. Though 1883 was meant to be a stand-alone season, more episodes are coming in the form of a new spinoff, this time with a historical twist.

What’s it about?

The series will focus on Bass Reeves, one of the most famous heroes of the American frontier. Believed to be the inspiration of The Lone Ranger, he captured over 3,000 outlaws without getting injured during his days in the Wild West. He was a lawman in the Indian Territory, so endless opportunity for dramatic stories, but no further information is available at this point about the actual plot.

Who’s in the cast?

The only confirmed star currently is the series lead, David Oyelowo, who is best known for starring as Martin Luther King Jr in the 2014 film Selma. He will be executive producing the project alongside Taylor Sheridan and his wife Jessica Oyelowo as part of their overall deal with MTV Entertainment Studios via their Yoruba Saxon Productions.

“I remember going out with it five or six years ago and every network cabler said, ‘No one’s making Westerns, we’re not doing that,'” Oyelowo told TheWrap in February. “And then we went out with it another two years later and they said, ‘Oh, everyone’s making Westerns. We’re not doing that.’ So it’s nice to finally have that project land somewhere great. And I’m a huge fan of Taylor Sheridan, so getting to work with him is pretty great as well.”

Where is it filming?

No information has been officially shared as to where the new show is filming, but Yellowstone star Denim Richards shared a photo on Instagram that included various Yellowstone actors and Oyelowo at Sheridan’s Bosque Ranch. The ranch has served as a filming location for scenes in Yellowstone as well as 1883, so it makes sense it would be used for 1883: The Bass Reeves Story.