Yellowstone and 1883 creator Taylor Sheridan will film his new series about frontier lawman Bass Reeves in Fort Worth. The six-part series is a spinoff of 1883, which prominently featured Fort Worth and was partially filmed in the Stockyards in September 2021.

Reeves was a former slave who became a federal marshal 1875 covering roughly 75,000 square miles of what’s now Arkansas and Oklahoma. He apprehended roughly 3,000 criminals over a 32-year career, and is rumored to be this inspiration for the fictional character the Lone Ranger. Production is scheduled to begin in the coming months.

“I remember going out with it five or six years ago and every network cabler said, ‘No one’s making Westerns, we’re not doing that,’” says lead actor David Oyelowo during an interview with TheWrap. “And then we went out with it another two years later and they said, ‘Oh, everyone’s making Westerns. We’re not doing that.’ So it’s nice to finally have that project land somewhere great. And I’m a huge fan of Taylor Sheridan, so getting to work with him is pretty great as well.”

1883 star LaMonica Garrett recently shared some insight into the Yellowstone spinoffs, including Bass Reeves. Read what he said here!