Photos courtesy of Jodi Nauta Photography……

1980 was definitely a very different time! The higher the hair the closer to God and the more rouge the better! The modern day selfie has nothing on some good ol’ glamor shots from the 80’s! This couple had a little fun during quarantine and made sure to document it and take it even a step further with their photographer!

The photographer, Jodi Nauta, said, “I have never laughed so hard at a session! When Donnia contacted me about doing an 80’s theme session before her husband cut his ‘quarantine’ hair, I was so down for it. When they walked out for the session, I was rolling. We had so much fun, got lots of laughs and reminisced of some great times of back when there was no social media, no cell phone distractions, just good old fashion fun. I hope y’all enjoy and appreciate this fun session!”

One thing we can’t let slip by though: props to Donnia for getting those Rockies on! That is an accomplishment, my friend!

Photos are courtesy of Jodi Nauta Photography. You can visit her Facebook page to view more from the 1980 session.