rainy days cowgirl magazine

For most riders, a rainy day means no riding. Some are fortunate to have an indoor, but the rest will have to get creative and find other ways to enjoy their horse. There are actually plenty of fun activities that don’t require leaving the barn!

Rainy Day Activities at the Barn

  1. Give them a long grooming session.
  2. Practice braiding.
  3. Try some massage techniques on your horse.
  4. Stretch them out.
  5. Teach them a trick in their stall.
  6. Work on ground manners like walking in and out of their stall and standing tied.
  7. Soften and flex your horse.
  8. Read a book in their stall and just hang out with them.
  9. Tidy up your tack room.
  10. Give your saddle and headstall an extra deep cleaning.
  11. Have an indoor photoshoot.
  12. Watch a horse movie in the lounge.
  13. Try some liberty training and get your horse to follow you around.
  14. Strip their stall and give them fresh sawdust.
  15. Bring a friend to the barn and introduce them to your horse.
  16. Practice naming your horse’s body parts.
  17. Get crafty in the lounge by painting horseshoes or coloring a horse picture.
  18. Make your horse a stall sign.
  19. Design a trail obstacle course on paper.
  20. Invite your barn buddies out for an educational day. Learn about nutrition, veterinary care, or horse breed information.

As you can see, there’s plenty to do even when the weather doesn’t cooperate. A rainy day can still be a barn day!