Photo by Paula Palmieri on Unsplash.……

Some days at the barn can just be for bonding, no riding or training necessary. Finding things to do with your horse outside of saddle time can be your chance to get creative and have some fun! Maybe the weather is too cold or perhaps you’re short on time, either way there’s tons of ways to be productive without riding.

  1. Find out his favorite treat (carrots, apples, or something more unusual)
  2. Hand graze
  3. Give him a massage
  4. Have a photo shoot
  5. Braid your horse’s mane or tail
  6. Go swimming or splash through puddles
  7. Learn your horse’s normal vital signs
  8. Decorate the outside of your horse’s stall
  9. Go for a jog with your horse on foot
  10. Have an extra long grooming session
  11. Teach your horse to paint with brushes and a canvas
  12. Dress your horse up
  13. Teach your horse a new trick
  14. Work on his ground manners
  15. Create an obstacle course to walk through on the ground
  16. Practice trailer loading
  17. Give him a bath
  18. Sit out in his field and just watch him
  19. Get him use to tarps, balloons, pool noodles, and anything else scary
  20. Tidy up his look with the clippers

You don’t have to ride your horse just to have fun! There’s a ton of ways to enjoy your barn time. What are your favorite things to do outside of riding?