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If duck tape won’t do it and WD-40 isn’t doing the trick, baling twine has your back! If you can think of it, baling twine will work for it. Take after MacGyver himself!

If you need a little help finding some inspiration, here are a couple of baling twine uses! 

Braiding Options:

  1. Bridle
  2. Halter
  3. Leadrope
  4. Leash
  5. Dog collar
  6. Over/under
  7. Keychain
  8. Reins
  9. Hay bags
  10. Crochet bags

Non-Braiding Options:

  1. Temporary fix a fence
  2. Add to a horse’s tail for fly help (mane, too!) 
  3. Temporary shoe laces
  4. Farm art
  5. Temporary belt
  6. Hair tie 
  7. Tie a lead rope to a trailer (it’ll break for those that pull back) 
  8. Hanging potted plants
  9. Hanging stall fans/ other barn necessities
  10. Temporary repair tack