Photo by: The Panther Press (Sydnee Bowersox and Violet Shetler)……

Most horse owners are ready to say goodbye to 2020. In a nutshell, it was rough! There were some good highlights, though. Hopefully, you have a few positive memories from the year. If anything, maybe you can look back and laugh at a few of the more sillier things, like the toilet paper challenge.

How riders would describe 2020…

Day drinking wasn’t frowned upon.

Lumber became crazy expensive! So many people put their woodworking skills to use with DIY projects.

Masks, masks, masks EVERYWHERE!

Barn owners stocked up on hay, sawdust and feed (more than normal).

It was deemed safe to hang out with your horse.

The toilet paper challenge circulated the internet. Even equestrians gave it a try!

This year wasn’t easy. Luckily, the horse community came together and supported one another. Virtual hugs all around!