PRCA Photo by Joe Duty.……

As important as it is to make the WNFR every December, one of the most prestigious awards is the Nutrena Horse of the Year presented by AQHA. Success in the arena wouldn’t be possible without the help of some of the most amazing equine athletes to ever grace the sport of rodeo. This year’s top ProRodeo horses have been announced – congratulations to all the riders and owners!

Barrel Racing

  1. FAMOUS LIL JET, “Rollo”, ridden by Jordon Briggs – owned by Jordon and Justin Briggs
  2. HIGH VALOR, “Valor,” ridden by Dona Kay Rule – owned by Dona Kay Rule
  3. CAUTRO FAME, “Truck,” ridden by Stevi Hillman – owned by Ty and Stevi Hillman

Breakaway Roping

  1. BAYBE BULLET, “Baybe,” ridden by Joey Williams – owned by Taylor and Joey Williams
  2. SPOTS LIL LEGAND, “Legend,” ridden by Martha Angelone – owned by Tanner Green
  3. STYLISH DRIFTER, “Dutch,” ridden by Josie Conner – owned by Josie Conner

Team Roping Header

  1. JESS A MOOSE, “Grey,” ridden by Lightning Aguilera – owned by Jim Donnan
  2. COLE E MAN, “Biscuit,” ridden by Andrew Ward – owned by Andrew Ward
  3. RK TUFF TRINKET, “Bob,” ridden by Riley Minor – owned by Riley Minor

Team Roping Heeler

  1. KADABRA KING, “Turbo,” ridden by Patrick Smith – owned by Patrick and Christi Smith
  2. NITA WIN PLAYBOY, “Drago,” ridden by Logan Medlin – owned by Login Medlin
  3. THE STAR PEPTO, “CJ,” ridden by Jake Long – owned by Jake and Tasha Long

Steer Wrestling

  1. DASHIN HAZE, “Tyson,” ridden by JD. Struxness, J. Brown, C. Cassidy, S. Culling, K. Irwin, R. Parrott, W. Lummus – owned by Curtis Cassidy
  2. BE DUN BY THREE, “Benz,” ridden by T. Erickson, D. Eldridge, W. Lummus, C. Hass – owned by Clayton Hass
  3. PATRIONIC DASH, “Mable,” ridden by Stetson Jorgenson – owned by Garrett Henry

Tie-Down Roping

  1. POCKETFUL OF LIGHT, “Pockets,” ridden by Caleb Smidt, Marty Yates – owned by Caleb Smidt
  2. MARKED UP CAT, “Rudy,” ridden by Lane Livingston – owned by Lane Livingston
  3. BIG CATS MOKEY, “Rampage,” ridden by Shad Mayfield – owned by Shad Mayfield

Steer Roping

  1. JS FROSTYS BADGER, “Goose,” ridden by Scott Snedecor – owned by Scott and Kelli Snedecor
  2. PC THIS DUDES GOT A GUN, “Shooter,” ridden by Mike Chase – owned by Mike Chase
  3. KROGS HICKORY, “Pete,” ridden by Bryce Davis – owned by Bryce Davis