Cowgirl - Wedding BootsA lot of little girls dream about what their wedding dress will look like on their wedding day, but not I! Nope, I remember asking mom, “Do you think when I get married I’ll get handmade boots like dad?” And so my addiction to boots and shoes began.

When I got engaged and we were setting budgets, my main concern was getting a pair of M.L. Leddy’s. While it was important to me to have a pretty dress, I kept thinking, I only get to wear that dress once, but I’ll wear my Leddy’s forever. Just another instance where I’ll say anything to convince myself I need another pair of boots. It doesn’t take much. If you’re like me and you need a separate closet just to support your boot habit, you might find yourself having the same conversation…with yourself.

While they are glorious, handmade boots can get super duper expensive and you don’t have to drop that much cash to have badass boots. Some of my faves, like Old Gringo, Corral and Lucchese have mastered the wedding boot game with shades of ivory and blue. However, don’t get caught up in thinking you’ve got to have white boots. Even if you are buying a shelf boot, dropping $300 or $500 is still expensive and you don’t want to spend that much on something you’re only going to wear once or twice. Go with a boot that you love and will last as long as your marriage…which is hopefully forever!

Kacey for Lucchese Golden Arrow Boots