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Cowgirl Hotlist

Spring break called and it wants you to start packing and stop stressing. While I’ve got the coolest job on the planet, I love a vacation and a good reason to put cute outfits together! Especially for a warm, sunny vacay. I’m fed up with this weird, windy weather in West Texas and I’m itchin’ to throw on a pair of sandals and a cute dress and GO! This spring break I’m leaving my boots at home and giving my legs and feet a little sunshine. (Lord knows they need it, cause it’s pasty town over here.) When choosing sandals for spring, I recommend choosing one solid colored pair and one funky/wild pair. Never know what mood you’ll be in and the solid colors are always a good fall back. These Bed Stu’s are on my radar. As for dresses and tops, have fun with tribal/southwestern graphics and patterns. Haven’t we all suffered through dark colored solids enough this fall? I know y’all probably aren’t going to vacay in the same types of climates, but for those of you who are hitting a warm, breezy, beachy situation, these are my top packing priorities!   Handmade Desert Clouds Squash Blossom Aurelia Black Driftwood Sandals by Bed Stu Gomez Neon Skull Mini Dress