Get your nails fall ready with the new 3.1 Phillip Lim for Nars nail collection. The collection draws color from gunmetals to light metallic—even adding in a shiny apple red for good measure. With nine new colors to choose from, you’re sure to find at least one color that will pop against your riding saddle.

Wrong Turn

This color is reminiscent to graphite in an effortlessly chic way. If you’re looking for an edgy nail color but don’t want a very dark color, this pulls in light metallics while also having that gunmetal color. Available at NARS Cosmetics, $20. 


A color that makes even the darkest forests look light, this deep green is more like a black with a hint of green. It’s pleasing to the eye as it can be mistaken for two different colors. Available at NARS Cosmetics, $20. 

Other Side

Photo via The Daily Cookie

Look ready for fall with this milk chocolate nail color. It almost has a burgundy hint to it, as well giving it a merlot look. Available at NARS Cosmetics, $20.


This color is nothing short of unique. It’s black bronze color gives off a hint of olive. The best part of this darker nail color is that you can wear it during summer or fall due to its seasonally versatile look. Available at NARS Cosmetics, $20. 


If you’re not quite ready for the deep metallic of fall, then this orange-red color is sure to perk you up and keep the summer vibe flowing. It’s a sizzling color that you can take from summer all the way into winter. Available at NARS Cosmetics, $20.

Gold Viper

For the cowgirl who loves a little bit (or a lot) of bling, there’s this platinum gold color. It will make your little piggies stand out giving them a look of luxury. Available at NARS Cosmetics, $20.

Dark Room 

This color is like looking at the floor of the deepest ocean. It’s deep blue color is gorgeous and makes the perfect blue for fall. Available at NARS Cosmetics, $20.


Violet is certainly a fall favorite color, but a deep violet is even more on point for this particular fall. You will love this dark color, trust us. Available at NARS Cosmetics, $20.


The perfect color to cheer you up after you’ve tried out all of these deep shades, this alabaster off-white is a breath of fresh air. It’s subtle and bright. Available at NARS Cosmetics, $20.