In the summertime, it’s easy to just throw up our hair into a messy, quick ponytail, but try waking up a few minutes earlier to give yourself an updated look. Try out these braids below that are perfect for summer weather, keeping your hair up and giving you a cowgirl-boho vibe. 

Full Side Braid

Photo and tutorial courtesy of The Fashion Spot

Make it easy on yourself while still looking stylish in this full on side braid. It’s easy to do in just a few minutes and it will keep your hair in an organized fashion.

The Combo Braid

Photo and tutorial courtesy of The Beauty Department

If you’re not sure whether you’re feeling a french or fishtail braid, then this is the part where you combine both of them. Try this and never choose between the two again.

Braid Into Bun

Photo and tutorial courtesy of Pretty Designs

If you love the idea of having all of your hair pulled completely up into a bun so it doesn’t dangle and scratch your sweaty neck, then definitely give this undo a whirl. The cute side braids are what make this a stylish summer undo.