three easy appetizers cowgirl magazine

three easy appetizers cowgirl magazine
These three easy appetizers have saved my life more times than I care to claim because each of these recipes are perfect when it comes to needing something to bring to a last minute dinner party or grill-out!

Do you want to know what the best thing is about these appetizers though? No one knows they were made in the nick of time!

I’m sure plenty of people have made jalapeño poppers before. I’ll let you in on something I learned a few weeks ago: add another meat! I was at a friend’s house and half of their jalapeño poppers had mini sausages stuffed in them along with the cream cheese, and the other half had ground beef. I don’t know why I have never thought of adding extra meat before; it’s such a simple change, yet so good!

Jalapeño Poppers



Cream cheese


Meat of your choice

Directions: Cut the ends off of your jalapeños, devein them if you prefer and then cut them long-ways in half.  Scoop cream cheese into each half. Brown your ground beef or sausages in a separate pan and then put them on top of the cream cheese. Wrap each now-stuffed jalapeño in a piece of bacon. Grill at 375 until bacon is as crispy as you desire.

I can guarantee that you’ll love this special queso recipe; I mean, after-all, it’s impossible to go wrong with queso!



1 large block of Velveeta cheese

2 blocks of cream cheese

2 lbs of spicy Jimmy Dean breakfast sausage

1 can of spicy Rotel

Directions: Slice the Velveeta and cream cheese into medium-sized cubes and put them in the crockpot with the can of drained Rotel on high heat; remember to stir occasionally. Brown the breakfast sausage in a separate pan and then put it in the crockpot as well. Let all the cheeses melt together and continue to stir so nothing burns in the crockpot. Once the ingredients have melted, turn on low or warm heat and enjoy!

This is one of the most simple appetizers I have ever seen and it is still so good! Who said easy recipes can’t be delicious?


1 block of cream cheese

Raspberry chipotle sauce

Your choice of crackers

Directions: Place the block, or blocks, of cream cheese on a serving platter. Pour a generous amount of raspberry chipotle sauce over the cream cheese. Place your choice of crackers, I prefer Club Crackers or Wheat Thins, on the platter and voila!

Comment below and let me know which of these recipes you’re going to try first!