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Photo by Joy Thiessen Photography.……

The heart of Art of the Cowgirl is gathering together, collaborating, and celebrating talented artists, makers, and horsewomen connected to the Western lifestyle.

After careful consideration, the Art of the Cowgirl team has made the difficult decision to postpone the Master and Clinician Demonstrations, trade show, music, and workshops of their main event until summer.

However, Art of the Cowgirl will hold the World’s Greatest Horsewoman Competition, All Women’s Ranch Rodeo, and Elite Horse Sale as planned. These events will take place January 13th-16th at Horseshoe Park and Equestrian Centre in Queen Creek, Arizona.

COWGIRL Magazine is proud to be the presenting sponsor of the All Women’s Ranch Rodeo. The event showcases the skills of day-in, day-out, working cowgirls in a field that’s dominated by men. The Art of the Cowgirl All Women’s Ranch Rodeo will feature four events:

Double Doctoring:

Four contestants enter the arena all on horseback where one cow is turned loose. The team must head and heel the first cow, put him in a stretch, and chalk the head before the second cow is let loose. The second cow will then be head and heeled, and put in a stretch. Time will stop when the head of the second cow is chalked.


Two unmarked calves will be in the branding pen. Two team members must head and heel one calf. Ground grew can not leave the circle until the calf is headed and heeled. The branding iron can leave the circle at any time, but there will be 30 second penalty if it touches the ground. The animal must be branded in the correct spot with brand right side up and visible. An incorrect brand will result in a 60 second penalty.

Ground crew and ropers will switch and repeat the process. Calf can only be roped when both ground crew are in the circle. Ground crew can leave the circle to strip any illegal head catches or belly ropes, but must return to the circle before the calf is roped again.

Illegal head catches or belly ropes must be stripped and animal re-roped. Neck and one front leg are legal.

Time will stop when branding iron and both ground crew are back in the circle, and ropes are off the calf.

Team Roping:

Four members will compete, 2 steers roped at same time. Declare partner before event – each partner will wear same colored arm band. 3 loops per steer, 90 second time limit. Both steers must be roped and stretched before time stops. No time on 1 steer. 

Ranch Horse:

Each team must designate one team member/horse to compete in the Elite Ranch Horse.  Their scores will count towards both the rodeo aggregate and Elite Ranch Horse event/side pot.

One competitor will enter the arena, do a simple reining pattern, then call for their cow. Upon receiving a cow in the arena the contestant must hold that cow on the prescribed end of the arena for a sufficient time to demonstrate the ability of the horse to contain the cow at that end (box). After a reasonable amount of time, the contestant must take the cow down the fence, past the center marker, and make at least one turn each way on the fence. After completing the fence turns required, the contestant can release control of the cow.  Contestant must track and make a legal head catch, dally and stop the cow. Dragging the cow in the opposite direction is not required.  

The Art of the Cowgirl All Women’s Ranch Rodeo and other events will be live streamed online at Tickets will not be required for those coming to spectate. Arizona COVID-19 mandates will be followed.