Courtesy of @racheljoi Instagram……

Rachel Joi and Zack McGinn are expecting their 4th child by the Grace of God!

“It’s getting real hard to hide this belly, and button my pants, and I’m sick of wearing sweatshirts to school pickup & drop off in 90° weather to hide this belly that is 100% noticeable. 😵‍💫😂. So, surprise! #4 joining us in March. If you’re shocked, I promise you, we are 100,000,000% times more shocked then you, I was told it was basically impossible for me to get pregnant on my own….jokes on me, God has a sense of humor, and he’s full of blessings. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions on my end, but to say we feel blessed God is trusting us with another one of his children is putting it lightly, we know his plan is so much bigger then ours, and we’re just here to trust him. So ready or not, McGinn baby #4 coming our way soon. 

“P.S- send vehicle recommendations for 4 kids 😵‍💫.” –Rachel Joi via Instagram

“Well, I told @racheljoi no 4th baby unless God said otherwise. Turns out He knew we needed another one. Feeling shocked as all get out, a little nervous and very blessed that we are welcoming baby # 4 to the family in March. If anyone wants to pitch in for twin beds so me and Rach can kick it Ricky and Lucy Ricardo style, we’ll be taking donations lol. I told her we really needed bunk beds in our room, but she wouldn’t go for that. Lame. Feeling like I should have kept the old band van, but since I didn’t, send me your vehicle recommendations for 4 kids. It’s almost a basketball team, but I ain’t driving a mini van or a school bus.” –Zack McGinn via Instagram

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