quarter horse colors cowgirl magazine

Cowgirls love their Quarter horses! This breed has proven how valuable they are in the arena and on the trails. Their calm deposition and incredible work ethic make them real stars. On top of that, this breed comes in many beautiful coat colors. If you want a flashy horse, then this is the breed for you!

Unique Quarter Horse Colors

This striking AQHA stallion comes in a golden palomino color.

Wow! This buckskin is a real looker. There are even different shades of buckskin horses from a dark sooty type to a lighter buttermilk.

There is something about blue roan horses that screams “look at me”. This gelding’s coat color is stunning!

This lovely mare is a grulla! What a beauty she is. This color often has a dorsal stripe and black barring on the lower legs.

The pale cream coat and blue eyes of cremello horses really make them stand out!

The Quarter horse comes in many other hues like black, gray, chestnut, bay, and dun. Those are equally as beautiful! What is your favorite color?