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Cowgirl Hotlist

Cowhide and a good DIY project are two of my favorite things, and these 5 cowhide DIYs are a nice way to bring that all together. From easy to difficult, there is a DIY for someone on every skill level. Working with cowhide can be a little challenging at times, so make sure you have a good X-Acto Knife, make careful cuts and take your time. Above, is a DIY cowhide lampshade made with tan hide. This DIY is a little bit challenging but the possibilities for lamp sizes and hide colors are endless. Get the full tutorial >  A cowhide switch plate is a very easy DIY to do and can be done in under an hour. Sometimes the smallest change at home can really make a big impact. A few careful cuts, some superglue, and a little patience is all you need! While these mini cowhide coasters aren’t made with actual cowhide (leather scraps are used), they were too cute not to share! Make these for your home or as gifts. Get the full tutorial >  Update an old mirror with some cowhide scraps and metal studs, it’s a fairly easy project to take on. This would look great hanging in a bathroom or entryway. Photo source unknown. This dresser looks great with cowhide drawers outlined in metal studs. It would be a challenging project to take on but the results are definitely worth it. Photo source unknown.