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5 Different Types Of Horse Clips


5 Different Types Of Horse Clips Keep your horses comfortable this upcoming cold weather season with personalized clips to fit their needs.

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Is your horse ridden regularly in the fall and winter? If so, it may be a good idea to go ahead and begin considering different horse clips for when cold weather strikes. Thick winter coats are slow to dry and can lead to chills. Sweat drenched hair is no good at keeping him warm. Luckily, there are a handful of options if you don’t want to shave your horse completely.Cowgirl - full clip

The full clip is favored by those competing on their horses. All of the hair is removed from the face, body, and legs. Blanketing, often with neck covers, is necessary when opting for this type.Cowgirl - hunter clip

Popular on field hunters, the hunter clip removes all of the hair besides a patch for the saddle and on the legs. The leg hair offers protection when riding out in the field and the patch on the back prevents saddle rubs. Blanketing is still needed.Cowgirl - blanket clipKnown as the blanket clip, parts of the face, neck, and flank are shaved. The hair on the legs, back, and hind end are not removed. More than likely a blanket will be necessary.Cowgirl - trace clip

The trace clip is one of the more popular horse clips because it only removes the hair where the horse sweats the most. The hair under the neck, shoulders, and belly is shaved. The body and legs are left alone. On very cold days, blanketing is required.

Cowgirl - stripIf you only work your horse lightly, the strip clip may be perfect for you. Blanketing is only needed on the coldest of days. A thin strip of hair is removed from under the neck, chest, and belly.

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