DIY projects are supposed to be fun and sometimes can be intimidating when they come with hundred instructions and the supply list almost costs as much as the item in store. Check out these five easy DIY projects I created on Horses & Heels that can be done in an hour or less (this doesn’t include dry time for some).

The bonus part is these projects can probably be created with most supplies you already have at home.

Above, organize your office supplies or create fun storage solutions for your kids with these DIY decorative jars. All you need are recycled jars, spray paint and plastic toys.

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Take a plain dollar store clipboard and dress it up with glitter, paint and a horse sticker. I use my clipboard daily for to-do lists.

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Remember when you wore lace up ropers and kilties were all the rage? If you still have them somewhere turn them into a bracelet with some suede or leather rope.

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The solution to expensive art is to make your own, this art is made with stamps. Use stamps to create abstract horse print art like this.

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Add a few ribbons to your next bouquet for a beautiful arrangement.

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All photo credits: Horses & Heels