If you haven’t been to Drybar, one of the first blow out bars ever, it needs to go on your healthy-hair bucket list. This one-of-a-kind salon is all about you and your locks. There are no cuts and no coloring—just beautiful blow outs with a lovely and relaxing hair wash and scalp massage. Their “menu” consists of luxurious treatments for your hair, including a ten minute scalp massage. You can choose your blow out style from options like Manhattan, which is straight and sleek, to the the Mai Tai, which is beachy waves. There are blow outs to fit any style.

Drybar has recently expanded their luxurious services to at-home products so you can get the luxury experience from your own home. Below are five of their products that should be your next go-to when it comes to new hair products.

Buttercup Blow Dryer

This is the official blow dryer of Drybar for that fresh blow out look. Drybar uses this exact model in their salon to achieve every type of perfect blow out. Now you have the tools to get the perfect style every morning. Available online at Drybar, $190.

Full Pint Medium Round Brush

What’s a powerful blowdryer without the perfect brush? This medium round brush is that missing link that will give your hair that envious volume and bounce. Available at Drybar, $40.

Hot Toddy Heat Protector and Frizz Fighter

Before you start styling your hair for the perfect blow out, it is essential to use a heat protector product. You don’t want to fry your hair with the powerful heat from the blowdryer. This product is also a frizz fighter and texturizer, a multi-tasking queen of hair products. Available at Drybar, $33.

Texas Tea Volumizing Hair Spray

Once you’ve created luscious, bouncy volume, don’t let it get away. This volumizing hair spray will make sure your hair holds up all day, and it smells amazing. Available at Drybar, $25.

Happy Hour Blowout Shampoo

The key to the perfect blowout is making sure you start with a clean palette of locks. This blowout shampoo removes heavy dirt and oils from your hair so it can stay light and volumized all day. Paraben and sulfate free for a simple clean. Available at Drybar, $23.