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Their manes are long and flowing, they have beautiful feathering on their lower legs; these horses are mystical and dreamy, becoming the center of attention in any situation they are placed.

If you haven’t guessed it, I am describing the stunning horse known affectionately as “The Gypsy Horse.”

While Gypsy horses do have a large following, there are still people who have not heard of or heard much about these majestic animals. Check out the following fun and informative facts to become better acquainted with these horses!

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1) There is a debate whether the Gypsy Horse is a breed:

While many people will tell you, without pausing, that Gypsy Horses are indeed a breed, some will say that there are too many variations in the characteristics of these horses for them to be a breed.

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2) The Gypsy Horse hasn’t been in America very long:

While Gypsy Horses have had a long and rich history, they didn’t make their way to America until 1996.

Photo courtesy of Flynt Hylls Gypsy Horses.

3) This breed was developed, as one might guess, by gypsies:

The Romani people developed Gypsy Horses for the special purpose of pulling the wagons that they lived in.

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4) They make good family horses:

These horses, while known for their strength, are popular due to their warm personalities and calm demeanor.

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5) Gypsy Horses are highly versatile:

Gypsy Horses have come a long way from the days when they were only used for pulling wagons! These horses can compete in a multitude of events, such as dressage and hunter pleasure.