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Introducing a breed not many have heard of… the Marwari Horse. This beautiful equine is not only unique to look at, but has a fascinating history as a military service animal. They’re the total package with a strong work ethic, intelligence, and bravery.

All About Marwari Horses

  1. The ears of this striking breed turn inward at the tips. Some might even say they resemble a large cat’s ears.
  2. They’re a gaited horse. Their natural ambling gait is called the revaal, aphcal, or rehwal.
  3. In the past, this breed was used as cavalry horses in battle. Their smaller statue made them excellent rivals against the European horses. Many would describe them as fearless and loyal in battle. Unfortunately, they almost became extinct once their job as military horses was no longer needed.
  4. While the Marwari horses was predominately black in the past, nowadays they come in almost every color! The rare white ones are only used for Indian ceremonial purposes.
  5. Legend suggests that Marwari ponies bred with Arabian horses on the Indian coast to create the breed of today.
Photo by: Indigenous Horses of India

Learn more about them at the All India Marwari Horse Society.