Don’t break your healthy eating New Year’s resolution because of your inevitable chocolate sweet tooth. You can still eat healthy and be healthy while getting your chocolate fix in. Don’t believe us? Below are five recipes that will do just that. 

Double Chocolate Cinnamon Nice Cream 

Photo and recipe courtesy of The Glowing Fridge

Not only does this taste better than processed, store bought ice cream, its ingredients are actually very healthy. It’s easy to make and can be dairy-free, vegan or gluten-free depending on how you’d like to make it. 

Dark Chocolate Coconut Protein Balls 

Photo and recipe courtesy of Tiny Inklings

Instead of reaching for your usual candy bar during your sugar cravings, make these chocolate protein balls instead. When you get a craving for some chocolate, pop one of these and not only will you feel full due to the protein, your body will love the healthy ingredients. Use raw cacao powder to keep it clean. 

Raw Almond Butter Cups

Photo and recipe courtesy of Oh She Glows

Yes, this is the healthy and raw version of Reeses Peanut Butter Cups. There are many of us who love the sweet and salty combo of chocolate and peanut butter, but we sure don’t like what it does to our waistline. Enter the best next thing. 

Chocolate Cheesecake Hearts 

Photo and recipe courtesy of Harriet Emily

If your chocolate cravings come in the form of chocolate cheesecake, you feel little to no guilt while eating this recipe for raw chocolate cheesecake—in the shape of hearts, no less! What more could you ask for? 

Double Fudge Brownies

Photo and recipe courtesy of Gourmande In The Kitchen 

We know what you’re thinking: There’s a healthy way to eat double fudge brownies? And, yes, there is. These double fudge brownies include all organic and raw ingredients so you don’t even have to fuss with the oven.