I love getting into the holiday spirit, but I’m not really into painting Santa and his reindeer on my nails. Not that I don’t like that, I just am not capable of such artistry. I mean, if you are capable of painting that yourself, you might consider quitting your day job!

Sure the standard Christmas colors are great, but you don’t have to go full on green and red to spread holiday cheer. Nah! I want something festive and chic! A manicure so wintery, people to mistake me as the princess from, “Frozen.”  For something a little different, just add a little sparkle to a bright white polish, or even a deep navy blue for a chic wintery look.

Try these ideas on for size and if you can’t do it yourself at home, “let it go…let it go…” and go to the nail salon.

Buffalo Plaid – via BeautyIll


Frost Bitten – via Pshiiit


Taupe & Gold –  via TheQuicheGirl.com


Sno-Ombre – via Brit+Co


White Fairy Manicure