Whether you’re new to horse buying, or you’re just in need of a refresher, make sure to avoid these 5 horse buying mistakes.

1) Buying online without seeing the horse: While this may sound obvious, I know horror stories where people have purchased horses online, and they end up being the opposite of what they were advertised as. Don’t fall into this trap!

2) Being a color specific buyer: Most people are guilty of this. Overlooking a great horse because there’s a superficial issue. If you’re looking for a perfect buckskin Quarter Horse but you find a great bay instead, don’t turn your nose up.

3) Not asking for help: Regardless of if you’ve been riding for years or you’re new, it’s wise to bring someone more experienced than you along when you look at a horse. A second opinion never hurts!

4) Buying a horse that won’t suit your needs: I have personally seen this issue time and time again. An example of this would be a person who has zero experience in the saddle who decides to purchase a three or four year old horse who has just recently been broke. Not a good combination.

5) Not trying out the horse: We’ve all been there. A horse that on paper looks perfect. Maybe you’ve seen other people ride this horse and you’re 100% sure that it’s a guaranteed match. No matter what you think, RIDE the horse in question before purchasing. In fact, if you have a trainer, both you and your trainer should ride the horse you’d like to purchase.

The bottom line? Don’t get discouraged if it takes time to find the right horse. It’s worth it!