Those big brown eyes have a way of captivating you! Most riders have stared into their horse’s eyes in wonder. Can they see color? Do they have blind spots? How are they at judging distances? These questions and many more have perplexed horse owners across the world. Horses’ eyes are quite interesting!

Facts About Horses’ Eyes

  1. Their eyes are laterally placed, unlike our frontally placed ones. This gives them a greater field of view, which can be helpful for spotting predators.
  2. Horses have dichromatic vision. They can see blue and green colors, but struggle with red.
  3. Their large globes and pupillary structure allows for amazing night vision, especially in comparison to people. They do struggle with sudden changes in light conditions though.
  4. Because of the position of their eyes, horses have a 350-degree view. They do have two blind spots though- directly behind and in front of them.
  5. A color change within the cornea can indicate an issue. For example: white can suggest an abscess, while blue indicates fluid swelling and an ulcer.

There is so much to learn about horses. While they share some similarities with people, they do have some obvious differences. The more you learn about them, the better you can communicate!